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Wheelchair users

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Author Title Age
Adamson, Jean and Gareth Topsy + Tim make a new friend 4+
Ashton, Jay Killing the demons 10+
Berrington, Lesley and Middleton, Karen A Day at the Zoo (Hattie and Friends) 3+
Booth, Anne Girl with a White Dog 10+
Chambers, Mark Best Friends: A Pop-up Book 4+
Dalton, Annie and Pearce, Carl Ferris Fleet the wheelchair wizard 6+
Edlin-White, Rowena Clo and the albatross 10+
Foreman, Michael Seal surfer 4+
French, Vivian and Heap, Sue Tillie McGillie's fantastical chair 5+
Glover, Sandra The girl who knew 11+
Goodhart, Pippa and Armour-Chelu, Louise Pest friends 6+
Goodhart, Pippa and Busby, Ailie Friends forever 6+
Hearn, Emily and Thurman, Mark Franny and the music girl 5+
Hughes, Frieda and Riddell, Chris Rent-a-friend 6+
Hunt, Roderick and Brychta, Alex At the Hospital (Read at Home: First Experiences 5+
John, Louise and Elkerton, Andy My Chair. (Start Reading Just Like You) 4+
Keith, Lois Think about being in a wheelchair 9+
Laird, Elizabeth, Davison, Roz and Sim, David Jungle School 5+
Leonard, Alison and Dell, Harriet Quiddy and the mysterious mega virus 9+
Lovegrove, James and Longcroft, Sean The Black Phone (Ford & Keane Mystery) 11+
MacPhail, Catherine Wheels 11+
McKay, Hilary Saffy's angel 10+
Minaki, Christina Zoe's Extraordinary Holiday Adventures 8+
Mooney, Irene and Roscoe, Stacey The sleepover 5+
Naidoo, Beverley and Rohr-Rouendaal, Petra Letang and Julie save the day 6+
Powell, Jillian Sam uses a wheelchair 6+
Reeves, Alice and Kirk, Phoebe Roxy the Raccoon: A Story to Help Children Learn about Disability and Inclusion (Truth & Tails Children's Books) 5+
Riddell, Chris and Ridley, Philip Scribbleboy 8+
Royston, Angela Using a Wheelchair (Young Explorer: What's it Like?) 6+
Spilsbury, Louise What does it mean to be a wheelchair user 9+
Springer, Margaret and Hull, Biz Move over, Einstein! 9+
Storr, Catherine and Lawton, Judith Watcher at the window 10+
Sullivan, Jenny and Howells, Graham A Little Bit of Mischief 5+
Symes, Ruth The mum trap 10+
Townsend, John The Stone Balancer 11+
Willis, Jeanne and Ross, Tony Susan laughs 3+
Wilson, Jacqueline and Sharratt, Nick Katy 9+
Wray, Sarah The forbidden room 10+