Scribbleboy ISBN: 9780140368949
Riddell, Chris and Ridley, Philip
Published by: 
  • Viking, 1997 
  • Puffin, 1997 (ISBN: 9780140368949)
Set in a depressing, concrete jungle of a city, the story tells of Scribbleboy, an artist who has painted 'scribbledacious' drawings all over the dull concrete surfaces. So fantastic are these 'scribbles' that Bailey Silk, new kid in town, faints when he sees one for the first time. Bailey, who stutters and has massive problems (mum has walked out and dad has gone peculiar as a consequence) forms the Scribbleboy Fan Club along with his new friend, Ziggy Fuzz. Ziggy must use a wheelchair, and though he and Bailey are quite ordinary boys, their parents and friends are most definitely not. A more over-the-top bunch would be hard to find. The original Scribbleboy has disappeared, and in his unhappy state, Bailey becomes the new Scribbleboy and produces even more fantastic scribbles. In so doing, he gets himself and Ziggy into big trouble, and the original Scribbleboy must re-materialise to get them out of it. While the characters are extreme, the emotions are real and very warm, and Bailey learns there are others with worse problems than his. Very little is made of the boys disabilities, but they make good role models. Bailey's mum reappears at the end of the story. The scribble- language is all pervasive, but children will enjoy it.
Age: 8+