The sleepover ISBN: 9781906036287
Mooney, Irene and Roscoe, Stacey
Published by Kid Premiership, 2007
Megan, Katie and Suria are best friends and are planning their first sleepover at Suria's house. They have huge fun playing together in the garden, with the dolls' house, and making 'sticky pictures'. There is tea, and then a problem arises. Megan realises that Katie will have to climb the stairs to go to bed, and as Katie uses a wheelchair, this will take lateral thinking. The girls come up with ever more fantastic ideas - a giant catapult, or a magic carpet. And in the process, they giggle so much that Suria's mum wants to know what is going on. She solves the problem neatly by announcing they are to sleep downstairs. This is a fun story, and Katie's disability is treated as a challenge by the children, not a problem. The book was developed with guidance by Scope's 'In the Picture Project', which aims to promote the inclusion of disabled children in picture books. There is a list of useful organisations at the back of the book. Kid Premiership, an educational publisher, purposely uses comic style illustrations because they understand the influence comics and computer games have on children. The book can be bought from their website: (Tel: 01484 536553).
Age: 5+