Using a Wheelchair (Young Explorer: What's it Like?) ISBN: 9780431112244
Royston, Angela
Published by Heinemann Library, 2005
Good basic information about what it's like to use a wheelchair. Reasons are given as to why people might need one - physical weakness or injury. Tips are given as to how to treat people in wheelchairs - never leave them out of conversations, be sensitive as to whether they want help, don't lean on the chair. Powered wheelchairs and sports wheelchairs are shown, as well as the kind that can be folded and put in a car. Making changes around the house can help people who use wheelchairs to live more easily. We learn about remote controls and stairlifts, and the fact that doors to shops have to be wide enough and that it helps if they are automatic. Cars can be changed so that people use only their hands to drive, and public transport can be difficult because ramps must be put in place. There is a picture of a man using a special lift into a bus. Ramps into public buildings are important as are lifts. Tables in restaurants are useful if they have a central support so that wheelchairs can get under the tabletop, and in theatres and sports venues, there should be places at the front where wheelchairs can be placed. Sports are mentioned as well as the Paralympics, and we learn that new schools are being built with ramps and lifts so that wheelchair users can use them. There is a glossary and a short list of books to read further; there is also a list of four websites which may or may not still be useful as the book was published some time ago. The clear photographs and large print make the book easily accessible.
Age: 6+