Franny and the music girl ISBN: 9780929005034
Hearn, Emily and Thurman, Mark
Published by Second Story Press, 1989
Franny uses a wheelchair, but this is never mentioned in the text - only in the pictures and the context. Somewhere in a flat above Franny's lives a clarinet player. Franny loves to hear the music - it makes her feel like she is dancing - but when the music stops, she thinks no more about it. It is only when a phantom lift button-pusher begins to make everyone late (including Franny to her bus for summer camp) that she does some sleuthing and discovers that the music-maker and the button-pusher are one and the same. How she solves Maia's problem makes up the rest of the story. Franny makes a great role model - full of grit and determination, she will not let disability slow her down. The cartoon style illustrations are cheerful and full of light. A Canadian production, the book is available in the UK from Gazelle Books:, Tel: 01524 68765.
Age: 5+