Best Friends: A Pop-up Book ISBN: 9781857077117
Chambers, Mark
Published by Tango Books, 2008
James, we are told, 'has the wildest imagination of anyone I know'. The same can be said of Mark Chambers who 'engineered' this special pop-up book! The pirate ship rocking on the waves with a cheerful whale bouncing underneath, the blue dinosaur with the bobbing head, the basketball James throws into the basket - all are superbly put together in ways one can only be amazed at. James uses a wheelchair, but he and the little girl, his best friend, share all sorts of highly imaginative games together, as well as more prosaic pastimes such as swimming, racing, and shooting that remarkable basketball. This is a truly fantastic (in the real sense) feat of technical expertise, and proves that friends are friends, no matter the disability. Outstanding.
Age: 4+