Letang and Julie save the day ISBN: 9780582121553
Naidoo, Beverley and Rohr-Rouendaal, Petra
Published by Longman, 1994
Letang and her friend Julie are going on an outing to the countryside with their class, and everyone is very excited. Julie decides to take her 'wheelie' - her wheelchair - because she may get tired on the long walk. Usually she uses sticks. On the coach journey, Julie talks about her nan, who has died, and that she used to live in the country. Letang also thinks about her granny, Nkoko, who lives in very different countryside in Botswana. The two girls are instrumental during the school walk in scaring off some bullocks in a field, and are congratulated by their school mates for knowing how to handle cattle. Both had learned from their grandmothers. A gentle story about an ordinary school trip, during which Julie's disabilities are made nothing special. The pictures show children doing all the busy things children do best.
Age: 6+