A Day at the Zoo (Hattie and Friends) ISBN: 9780955214103
Berrington, Lesley and Middleton, Karen
Published by Paw Print Publishing, 2005
One of a series of book in which disabled children are seen enjoying themselves in entirely normal ways. George uses a wheelchair, and when he and his friend, Hattie, and their mums go to the zoo, they have a lovely time seeing all the animals. A parrot even sits on George's shoulder, much to his delight. A picnic, followed by ice cream, help to make the day special, and the children would quite like to come again tomorrow! Nothing is made of George's wheelchair in the story; it is simply part of him and taken for granted. The chirpy, cheerful children (and the similarly chirpy, cheerful animals) are shown in wonderfully bright colours, and the whole aspect is one of happy, everyday ordinariness. The book is available from Amazon or from www.hattieandfriends.co.uk (Tel: 01522 789888).
Age: 3+