A Little Bit of Mischief ISBN: 9781848510470
Sullivan, Jenny and Howells, Graham
Published by Gomer Press, 2010
Techniquest in Cardiff Bay is a wonderful science centre where children can be free to explore all the hands-on exhibits, and whole classes often visit, as well as families. Cari and her class are going for the day, but Cari is feeling grumpy about the whole thing. She uses a wheelchair and is sure that she will have to be bossed about and told where to go. Her special helper, Elin, tries her best to interest Cari in the many exciting things to do, but Cari isn't having it. It's only when she goes off on her own that she discovers the exhibits really are 'cool' and exciting, and she has a super time - especially when class bad boy Darren finds her and together they explore. Of course, they are missed, and Mr Lavery, the teacher, is quite cross with them: 'Cari.....We've all been looking for you. I didn't think you'd be naughty.' Cari is more than a little pleased that she's been able to create 'a little bit of mischief'. She proves that she can do things on her own - even cause chaos. Not only does this story give us a good idea of what Techniquest is all about, but it also shows us a wheelchair-bound child with a mind of her own and the ability to strike out and do her own thing. The illustrations are full of angles and flat geometric shapes, somewhat akin to Cari's mood at the beginning of the story. A jolly good picture book.
Age: 5+