Frog is frightened ISBN: 9780862647148
Velthuijs, Max
Published by Andersen Press, 1999
Frog begins it all. He lies in bed hearing strange noises. So frightened does he make himself that he runs through the wood to Duck's house. Duck invites Frog to stay, but they both become frightened. Off they go to Pig's house. Pig is cross at being wakened, but he lets them stay. All three lie awake listening to the noises in the woods. Next morning their friend, Hare, finds the empty houses and fears something has happened to his friends. Terrified, he runs to find them. When he does and hears their story, he says, 'You know....everyone is frightened sometimes'. 'Even you?' asks Frog. 'Oh yes', says Hare, 'I was very frightened this morning when I thought you were lost.' Excellent chalk illustrations.
Age: 3+