Night fears

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Author Title Age
Adl, Shirin The Book of Dreams 4+
Armitage, Ronda and David Queen of the night 3+
Bingham, Janet and Beardshaw, Rosalind Night, Light, Sleep Tight| 2+
Bogan, Paulette Goodnight Lulu 2+
Bond, Denis and Petrone, Valeria The train who was frightened of the dark 2+
Boxall, Ed Francis the scaredy cat 3+
Brook, Christopher Monsters in the garden 3+
Burfoot, Ella Darkness Slipped In 4+
Chambers, Sally Toffee's night noises 2+
Copus, Julia and Seo, Eunyoung The Hog, the Shrew and the Hullabaloo (A Harry & Lil Story) 3+
De Bode, Ann and Broere, Rien Could you leave the light on? 5+
Dunbar, Joyce and Liao, Jimmy The Monster Who Ate Darkness 4+
East, Jacqueline Ed the pup: I'm scared of the dark 2+
Edwards, Michelle, Root, Phyllis and Meisel, Paul What's that noise? 3+
Ewart, Franzeska and Oliver, Mark Speak up, Spike! 6+
Giuliano, David and McBrien, Marlene The Alligator in Naomi's Pillow 4+
Gliori, Debi and Dunbar, Joyce Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep 2+
Gorbachev, Valeri Nicky and the big bad wolves 2+
Gregory, Valiska and Austin, Virginia Kate's giants 3+
Grindley, Sally and Browne, Anthony Knock, knock, who's there? 3+
Gutman, Anne and Hallensleben, Georg Lily's bad dream 4+
Hadfield, Chris, Fillion, Kate and The Fan Brothers The Darkest Dark 5+
Haworth-Booth, Emily The King Who Banned the Dark 4+
Hazen, Barbara Shook and Ross, Tony The knight who was afraid of the dark 4+
Hoban, Russell and Williams, Garth Bedtime for Frances 4+
Impey, Rose and Burke, Chris Who's afraid now? 4+
Johnson, Pete The ghost dog 9+
Koralek, Jenny and Mayhew, James The boy and the cloth of dreams 6+
Leavy, Una and Utton, Peter Harry's stormy night 3+
Matthews, Bethan and Wilson, Jacqueline Mark Spark in the dark 6+
McGilvray, Richard and Snow, Alan Don't climb out of the window tonight 3+
McKay, Hilary and Harvey, Amanda There's a Dragon Downstairs 3+
McKee, David Elmer and the lost teddy 2+
Moodie, Fiona Noko and the night monster 4+
Morton, Christine and McMullen, Nigel Don't worry William 2+
No Author listed I Am Scared 4+
Noll, Amanda and McWilliam, Howard I Need My Monster 4+
Oram, Hiawyn and Utton, Peter Sabby and the dream monsters 3+
Park, Barbara and Kroninger, Stephen Psssst! It's me...the bogeyman 4+
Perera, Anna and Pearce, Carl The Night The Lights Went Out 4+
Pitcher, Caroline and Williams, Sophy The winter dragon 3+
Porter, Sue Sweet dreams 2+
Rickards, Lynne and Beardshaw, Rosalind Jack's bed 3+
Riddell, Chris The wish factory 3+
Ritchie, Alison and Gale, Cathy I don't want to sleep alone 2+
Robbins, Beth and Stuart, Jon Tom's afraid of the dark 3+
Rose, Marion and Cabban, Vanessa Cassie and the kiss soldier 3+
Ross, Tony I want my light on! 3+
Sendak, Maurice In the night kitchen 5+
Simmons, Jane Where the fairies fly 2+
Simon, Francesca and Melling, David What's that noise 3+
Smith, Alex T. Bella and Monty: A Hairy, Scary Night 3+
Snicket, Lemony and Klassen, Jon The Dark 5+
Soundar, Chitra You're Safe With Me (Lantana Global Picture Books)
Thomas, Frances and Collins, Ross Supposing... 2+
Tomlinson, Jill and Howard, Paul The owl who was afraid of the dark 3+
Tyger, Rory Newton 2+
Velthuijs, Max Frog is frightened 3+
Voigt, Marie The Light in the Night 3+
Waddell, Martin and Benson, Patrick Owl babies 2+
Waddell, Martin and Firth, Barbara Can't you sleep, Little Bear? 2+
Watt, Melanie Scaredy Squirrel at Night 5+
Weigelt, Udo and Unzner, Christa Miranda's ghosts 4+
Wells, Rosemary Felix and the Worrier 3+
Willis, Jeanne and Varley, Susan The monster bed 4+
Wilson, Karma and Chapman, Jane Bear Feels Scared 3+
Wilson-Max, Ken Max's starry night 2+
Wormell, Christopher Molly and the Night Monster 3+
Ziefert, Harriet and Brown, Richard Nicky's noisy night 2+