I don't want to sleep alone ISBN: 9780749746612
Ritchie, Alison and Gale, Cathy
Published by Egmont, 2001
Joey doesn't seem to be afraid, but when he wakes in the middle of the night, he doesn't like being alone. After all, mum and dad have each other. So he climbs into bed with them. he 'squiggles and wriggles' and mum and dad can't sleep, so the next night they give him a teddy to cuddle so he won't be alone. However, Joey still climbs in with mum and dad. It seems teddy 'squiggled and wriggled' and Joey couldn't sleep. More and more animals are added to Joey's bed, but nothing helps until mum and dad finally get fed up: 'What shall we do NOW!' Joey then decides he really wants to sleep alone - there isn't room in his bed for everyone. In a nice twist at the end, all the toy animals are seen heading for mum and dad's room. The colours are indicative of moods - soft blues when Joey wakes in the night, bright pinks and yellows for the riotous behaviour in mum and dad's room. The family are cats. The real problem seems to be that Joey feels his parents have each other to sleep with and he has no one. A splendid story that reflects what must often be the problem when a child continually wants to sleep with his/her parents.
Age: 2+