The Book of Dreams ISBN: 9781847803832
Adl, Shirin
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2013
Only a little part of this superb picture book is about scary dreams; mostly, it emphasises the interesting aspects of dreams. They can be confusing or funny, real or unreal, and sometimes we can do things in dreams that are impossible in real life. Perhaps animals may talk to us, or everything around us can seem very big, or very small. Even scary dreams (this one has scary faces on a red background with a large spiky tail in one corner) can turn into fun ones (the spiky tail belongs to a large red dragon being confronted by a little boy with sword and shield). It is the illustrations that make this book outstanding. Ms Adl uses wonderful sploshes of watercolour superimposed with collage-style art work, and the text is so completely integrated that it is part of the picture. For a child suffering with nightmares, this could be a wonderful book to allay those fears. There is so much positive and so much beautiful here that one can look forward to the wide possibilities that dreams can bring.
Age: 4+