My Grandpa ISBN: 9780230760394
Altes, Marta
Published by Pan Macmillan Childrens, 2012
This outstanding picture book tells of a happy and accepting relationship between a grandfather bear and his little grandson. They play happily together and share all sorts of wonderful games, and if Grandpa occasionally forgets where he is, or doesn't recognise his grandson, that's okay. Grandpa can still show his grandson all the wonders of the world, and if he sometimes refuses to eat, rather like a child, or feels alone, the grandson can always help. Dementia is never mentioned, as you would expect in a book for young children, but the theme is central. The delicate, superb illustrations use only three colours: red, light brown, and dark brown, and the simple figures against a very white background are redolent sometimes of loneliness and sometimes of joy. A very special picture book.
Age: 3+