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Author Title Age
Matthew Snyman and Social Innovation Lab Kent. Foreword by Angela Rippon The Dementia Diaries 9+
Altes, Marta My Grandpa 3+
Arnold, Elizabeth and Busby, Ailie Thief in the garden 6+
Booth, Anne Girl with a White Dog 10+
Delisle, Anne-Claire and Rivard, Emilie Really and Truly - a story about dementia 6+
Demetris, Alex and Demetris, Jean Grandma's Box of Memories: Helping Grandma to Remember 4+
Domeniconi, Paolo, Pollard, Sally (Trans.) and Segre, Chiara Valentina Oscar the Guardian Cat 6+
Elliott, Matt and Nunn, David William When Grandma Came to Stay 5+
Gardiner, Lindsey and Langston, Laura Mile-high apple pie 5+
Haddon, George and Moore, Lynda My Book about Brains, Change and Dementia 4+
Hayes, Rosemary Loose Connections 10+
Manning, Maurie J. and Rosenbluth, Roz Getting to know Ruben Plotnick 6+
Revell, Mike Stonebird 9+
Shepherd, Jessica Grandma 4+