Worried (Feelings) ISBN: 9781406207781
Brooker, Jo and Medina, Sarah
Published by Raintree Publishers, 2007
One of a series of books aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils which will be of use both at home and at school. 'Worried' explains that to worry is to expect that something bad may happen. The feeling may make you feel sick or make it difficult to sleep. Worries such as starting a new school, or that people won't want to play with you make life difficult, but it's normal to worry sometimes. The thing to do is to talk to someone you trust and to remember the happy times. Worries don't go on forever. How can you tell if someone else is worried? They may not want to eat, or they may want to be on their own. Try to listen to them and help if you can, or ask an adult if necessary. The pictures are expressive and compliment the text nicely. Because this is a series aimed at younger children, a picture glossary and a short index are included. Great for PHSE.
Age: 5+