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Author Title Age
Amos, Janine and Green, Gwen Afraid 6+
Arnold, Tedd I'm falling to bits 4+
Bingham, Jane and Turner, Helen Scared ( Everybody Feels series) 4+
Bloor, Thomas The memory prisoner 10+
Blume, Judy Otherwise known as Sheila the Great 9+
Bray, Madge Susie and the Wise Hedgehog go to court 7+
Bright, Paul and Cort, Ben Under the bed 3+
Brooker, Jo and Medina, Sarah Worried (Feelings) 5+
Browne, Anthony Willy the wimp 5+
Browne, Anthony Willy the champ 5+
Browne, Anthony What If...? 4+
Browne, Anthony The tunnel 4+
Browne, Anthony Silly Billy 4+
Buckingham, Matt Wimpy Shrimpy 3+
Burningham, John Aldo 3+
Butterfield, Moira and Sterling, Holly Everybody Feels... Scared 4+
Camp, Lindsay and Sandford, Piers Sam and Mr. Wallace 5+
Cave, Kathryn and Maland, Nick The brave little grork 3+
Cave, Kathryn and Maland, Nick You've got dragons 4+
Child, Lauren Beware of the storybook wolves 4+
Child, Lauren Clarice Bean, Don't Look Now 9+
Chissick, Michael and Peacock, Sarah Ladybird's Remarkable Relaxation: How Children (and Frogs, Dogs, Flamingos and Dragons) Can Use Yoga Relaxation to Help Deal with Stress, Grief, Bully 4+
Cooper, Helen The bear under the stairs 3+
Coplans, Peta Frightened Fred 4+
Cotterill, Jo Jelly 10+
Cowell, Cressida Hiccup the Viking who was seasick 2+
De Bode, Ann and Broere, Rien Mummy, Mummy, where are you? 5+
Dickinson, Peter and Lawrie, Robin Chuck and Danielle 6+
Eason, Sarah Chin Up, Charlie! Be Brave (You Choose!) 6+
Eyles, Heather and Ross, Tony Well I never! 5+
Fine, Anne and Donnelly, Strawberrie Stranger danger 6+
Foreman, Jack and Foreman, Michael Say hello 4+
Foster, John (Ed) Seriously scary poems 5+
Gardner, Sally Mummy, don't go out tonight 3+
Gates, Susan and Aston, Martin Snake-pit school 6+
Gaudrat, Marie-Agnes and Oxenbury, Helen Tom and Pippo and the vacuum cleaner 2+
Glicksman, Caroline Big Black Dog 3+
Gliori, Debi The Scariest Thing of All 3+
Gorbachev, Valeri Chicken chickens 2+
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, Desideria Who Feels Scared?: A Book about Being Afraid (Our Emotions & Behaviour) 5+
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, Desideria But What If? A Book About Feeling Worried (Our Emotions & Behaviour) 5+
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, Desideria Take a Deep Breath: A Book About Being Brave (Our Emotions & Behaviour) 5+
Gravett, Emily Little Mouse's big book of fears 5+
Gray, Kes and Wildish, Lee Worries Go Away! 5+
Gray, Nigel and Foreman, Michael I'll take you to Mrs Cole 6+
Hansen, Gaby and Doney, Meryl The Very Worried Sparrow 4+
Harrison, Joanna Dear Bear 4+
Haworth, Katie and Aye, Nila Fearless Mirabelle 4+
Heide, Florence Parry and Feiffer, Jules Some things are scary 4+
Hendry, Diana and Chamberlain, Margaret Dog Dottington 3+
Hickey, Katie and Edwards, Nicola Happy: A Children's Book of Mindfulness 5+
Higgins, Chris and Wildish, Lee My Funny Family On Holiday 7+
Hudson, Charlotte and McQuillan, Mary Who will sing my puff-a-bye? 3+
Huebner, Dawn and Matthews, Bonnie What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety (What to Do Guides for Kids) 6+
Hughes, Shirley Alfie gives a hand 3+
Hughes, Shirley Don't Want to Go! 3+
Hutchins, Pat Rosie's walk 3+
James, Alice and Moncrieff, Stephen The Unworry Book 9+
James, Simon Little One Step 3+
King-Smith, Dick Tumbleweed 8+
Knightsmith, Pooky and Hamilton, Emily The Healthy Coping Colouring Book and Journal: Creative Activities to Help Manage Stress, Anxiety and Other Big Feelings 9+
Knowles, Alison and Wiltshire, Sophie Ollie and His Superpowers 6+
Law, Daisy Secret, Secret 3+
Lee, Wendy Leon Spreads His Wings (Walker Story) 4+
Leonard, Marcia and 'Bartholomew' How I feel scared 3+
Lieshout, Ted van The dearest boy in all the world 7+
Lystad, Mina, Irgens, Ashild and Mackie, Sian Alfred and the Blue Whale 7+
May, Paul and Sheppard, Kate Billy and the seagulls 8+
McBratney, Sam and Bates, Ivan The dark at the top of the stairs 3+
McCaughrhean, Geraldine and Beck, Ian Little angels 3+
Mooney, Bel and Chamberlain, Margaret I'm scared 6+
Morgan, Michaela and Cartlidge, Michelle Brave Mouse 3+
Moses, Brian and Gordon, Mike I feel frightened 4+
Moses, Brian and Gordon, Mike I'm worried 4+
Moses, Brian and Gordon, Mike Is there anything there at the top of the stair? 3+
Moses, Brian and Gordon, Mike Samuel Scaredosaurus (Dinosaurs Have Feelings, Too) 5+
Moses, Brian and Gordon, Mike William Worrydactyl (Dinosaurs Have Feelings, Too) 4+
Moses, Melissa and MacEachern, Alison Alex and the Scary Things: A Story to Help Children Who Have Experienced Something Scary 4+
Moss, Miriam and Bucker, Jutta The best dog in the world 4+
Nadin, Joanna and Ceulemans, Eglantine The Stepmonster 5+
Nimmo, Jenny and Lewis, Anthony The owl tree 9+
Oram, Hiawyn and Ross, Tony A message for Santa 3+
Ostheeren, Ingrid and Unzner-Fischer, Christa Martin and the Pumpkin Ghost 4+
Palecek, Libuse and Josef Brave as a tiger 3+
Parr, Todd The I’m Not Scared Book 4+
Percival, Tom Ruby's Worry 5+
Piers, Helen and Foreman, Michael Long Neck and Thunder Foot 3+
Pinfold, Levi Black Dog 5+
Potter, Alicia and Sif, Birgitta Miss Hazeltine's Home for Shy and Fearful Cats 4+
Prasadam-Halls, Smriti and Wojtowycz, David Monkey Business 2+
Prater, John Really brave Tim 3+
Rankin, Joan Scaredy cat 3+
Rix, Jamie and Chapman, Lynne Giddy Goat 2+
Rose, Marion and Paine, Colin Georgie and the dragon 3+
Roy, Jacqueline and Chamberlain, Margaret Being Ben 6+
Sanna, Francesca Me and My Fear 4+
Soros, Barbara and Morris, Jackie Grandmother's song 8+
Stead, Rebecca Liar and Spy 10+
Stewart, Amber and Rankin, Laura Rabbit Ears 2+
Stimson, Joan and Lewis, Jan Worried Arthur 4+
Stimson, Joan and Rutherford, Meg Brave lion, scared lion 3+
Thomas, Pat Why Do I Feel Scared?: A First Look at Being Brave 6+
Ward, Nick Squash the spider 3+
Wargelin, Peggy and Vickers, Laura Flying to See Janet: A Fun Guide to the Airport Experience 6+
Warnes, Tim The Great Cheese Robbery
Watt, Melanie Scaredy Squirrel 5+
Whybrow, Ian and Birmingham, Christian Little Farmer Joe 3+
Willems, Mo Sam, the Most Scaredy-cat Kid in the Whole World 5+
Williams, Marcia No worries! 6+
Williams, Marcia Not a worry in the world 4+
Willis, Jeanne and Ross, Tony Fly, Chick, Fly! 3+
Wilson, Jacqueline Cliffhanger 8+
Wilson, Jacqueline and Sharratt, Nick The worry website 9+
Wilson, Karma and Chapman, Jane Bear Feels Scared 3+
Wishinsky, Frieda and Layton, Neal Nothing scares us 3+
Wright, Cliff and White, Kathryn Good day, bad day 3+