The Night The Lights Went Out ISBN: 9781870516778
Perera, Anna and Pearce, Carl
Published by Tamarind, 2006
Rana does not like the dark, and one evening when she is getting ready for bed, a storm comes along and all the lights go out. She is really frightened and must feel her way out of the bathroom and into her bed. When dad appears and carries her downstairs, she and her parents have a cosy time by candlelight enjoying milk and biscuits. When the lights suddenly return, they seem almost too bright, and when mum announces that Rana's night light is broken and leaves the hall light on, Rana realises that she likes the dark. She closes her door and falls asleep with her Fluffy Bear 'in a darkness as wide as the ocean'. Beautifully written and with unusual illustrations full of dark and light contrasts.
Age: 4+