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Author Title Age
'Griff' and Dalton, Annie Lilac Peabody and Sam Sparks 7+
Adamson, Jean and Gareth Topsy and Tim start school 4+
Ahlberg, Janet and Ahlberg, Allen Starting school 4+
Anholt, Catherine and Laurence Billy and the big new school 4+
Barber, Nicola First Day at School (Big Day) 4+
Barkow, Henriette and Lamont, Priscilla Tom and Sofia start school 4+
Bingham, Jane and Turner, Helen Scared ( Everybody Feels series) 4+
Bradley, Susannah and Archer, Rebecca Rosie goes to school 3+
Brooks, Felicity, Jones, Stephanie and Widdowson, Kay Starting School Sticker Book: Over 100 stickers (Usborne Sticker Books) 3+
Brown, Marc Arthur's teacher trouble 6+
Brown, Peter My Teacher is a Monster! (No, I am Not) 6+
Bruna, Dick Miffy at school 4+
Burt, Erica At school 5+
Butterfield, Moira and Sterling, Holly Everybody Feels... Scared 4+
Child, Lauren I am too absolutely small for school 4+
Civardi, Anne and Cartwright, Stephen Going to school 4+
Clark, Emma Chichester Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo! (Blue Kangeroo) 3+
Colgan, Jenny and Docherty, Thomas The New Friend: Book 3 (Polly and the Puffin) 4+
Cumming, Hannah The Cloud 5+
Dorman, Helen and Clive Hannah goes to school 4+
Edwards, Pamela Duncan and Allwright, Deborah Dinosaur Starts School 4+
Elliott, Rebecca My Stinky New School 4+
Evans, Fran, Dyer, Olive and Scurlock, Val Nia's first day 4+
Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise Silly School 4+
Forward, Toby and Thompson, Carol The first day of school 4+
Gavalda, Anna (Trans. Rosner 35 kilos of hope 10+
Gorbachev, Valeri Chicken Chickens go to school 4+
Gordon, Mike and Green, Jen Where's my peg? my first day at school 4+
Green, Julia Over the edge 9+
Grindley, Sally and Chamberlain, Margaret A big kiss for Alice 4+
Grindley, Sally and Thompson, Carol I don't want to! 3+
Guillain, Charlotte My First Day at a New School 4+
Harker, Lesley and Thomas, Pat Do I Have to Go to School?: A First Look at Starting School 4+
Hart, Caryl and Lord, Leonie The Wolf who wouldn't go to school (Whiffy Wilson) 3+
Hawkins, Elizabeth and Venus, Pamela Mum's Late 2+
Hest, Amy and Barton, Jill Off to school, Baby Duck! 3+
Hodgkinson, Jo A Big Day for Migs! 4+
Horse, Harry Little Rabbit goes to school 3+
Hudson, Ella Hudson Hates School 6+
Hughes, Monica My first day at school 4+
Hughes, Shirley Bobbo Goes To School 3+
Hughes, Shirley Lucy and Tom go to school 3+
Hunter, Rebecca and Fairclough, Chris My first day at school 4+
Jenner, Caryn and Robins, Arthur Starting School 4+
Joy, Margaret and Child, Lauren Addy the baddy 6+
Keller, Holly The new boy 5+
Layton, Neal Steve's Sunday blues 5+
Lewis, Jan School (First Time series) 3+
Lobel, Gill and Blake, Jo All my friends 6+
McAllister, Angela and Hellard, Sue A pocketful of kisses 4+
Mian, Zanib and Mafaridik, Nasaya Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet 8+
Middleton, Charlotte Enrico starts school 4+
Mitchell, Rita and Ayliffe, Alex The gotcha smile 4+
Ormerod, Jan When an elephant comes to school 3+
Pielichaty, Helen and Heap, Sue Simone's diary 10+
Powell, Jillian and Fairclough, Chris My New School 4
Priestley, Chris Billy Wizard 7+
Robbins, Beth and Stuart, Jon Tom's first day at school 4+
Robinson, Catherine and Broadley, Sue Leaving Mrs Ellis 6+
Roc, Margaret and Hughes, Laura Jellybean Goes to School 4+
Ross, Tony and Zoe Nicky 4+
Ruhmann, Karl and Monnier, Miriam Who will go to school today? 4+
Savage, Sarah and Fisher, Fox Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl? 4+
Scotton, Rob Splat the Cat 4+
Selway, Martina I hate Roland Roberts 5+
Shevah, Emma and Crawford-White, Helen Dream on, Amber 10+
Simon, Francesca and Coplans, Peta Spider school 4+
Sperring, Mark and The Pope Twins Wanda's first day 5+
Stones, Rosemary and O'Neill, Christopher Rosie's first day at school 4+
Symes, Ruth Louise and Reeve, Rosie Mondays at monster school 4+
Vulliamy, Clara The Bear with Sticky Paws Goes to School 4+
Vulliamy, Clara Starting School (Lucky Wish Mouse) 3+
Whybrow, Ian and Reynolds, Adrian Harry and the dinosaurs go to school 4+
Wild, Margaret and Gamble, Kim First day 4+
Willis, Jeanne and Ross, Tony I hate school 8+