Family relationships

Single parents

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Author Title Age
Ahlberg, Allan and Clark, Emma Chichester Mrs. Vole the vet 4+
Anthony, Dan The Bus Stop at the End of the World 9+
Banks, Lynne Reid Alice-by-accident 10+
Barnes, Emma and Littler, Jamie Wild Thing 9+
Brackenborough, Michelle and Elson, Jane A Room Full of Chocolate 10+
Brown, Susan Taylor Hugging the rock 10+
Browne, Anthony Gorilla 5+
Browne, Anthony Voices In The Park 5+
Burningham, John and Oxenbury, Helen There's Going to Be a Baby 3+
Carey, Hazel Just us 3+
Cassidy, Cathy Cherry Crush (The Chocolate Box Girls) 10+
Cotterill, Jo Jelly 10+
DiCamillo, Kate Because of Winn-Dixie 10+
Garland, Sarah The survival of Arno Mostyn 9+
Geras, Adele and Littlewood, Karin Sun slices, moon slices 2+
Gliori, Debi No matter what 3+
Impey, Rose and Galvani, Maureen My mum and our dad 3+
Ives, Ali and Birkett, Georgie My dad is.. 5+
King, Stephen Michael Do you love me, dad? 3+
McCombie, Karen The Girl Who Wasn't There 10+
Otter, Isabel and Rewse, Katie The Garden of Hope 5+
Revell, Mike Stonebird 9+
Richemont, Enid The stone that grew 8+
Shevah, Emma and Crawford-White, Helen Dream on, Amber 10+
Smith, Will and Nelson, Kadir Just the two of us 8+
Sullivan, Jenny The Great Cake Bake 9+
Wild, Margaret Harry and Hopper 4+
Wilson, Jacqueline Candyfloss 10+