Child abuse

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Author Title Age
Ashley, Bernard and Lawton, Judith Sally Cinderella 8+
Bryant-Mole, Karen Child abuse 8+
Coman, Carolyn What Jamie saw 10+
Deans, Sis Racing the past 10+
Foxon, Judith and Fuller, Rachel Spark learns to fly 5+
Grossman, Linda Sky and Bockus, Petra A tale worth telling 6+
Holmes, Margaret M. and Pillo, Cary A Terrible Thing Happened 5+
Jackson, Laurence and Evans, Jane How are You Feeling Today Baby Bear?: Exploring Big Feelings After Living in a Stormy Home 3+
Kuijer, Guus and Nieuwenhuizen, John The book of everything 10+
Kuo, Ching-Pang, Westcott, Anne, Hu, C.C. Alicia and Ogden, Pat How Little Coyote Found His Secret Strength (Hidden Strengths Therapeutic Children's Books) 4+
Laird, Elizabeth Jake's tower 11+
Law, Daisy Secret, Secret 3+
Manasco, Hunter and Manasco, Katharine An Exceptional Children's Guide to Touch: Teaching Social and Physical Boundaries to Kids 4+
Maryon, Kate The Invisible Girl 11+
Medina, Sarah Abuse and Neglect (Emotional Health Issues) 10+
Powell, Jillian Family Crises (Emotional Health Issues) 9+
Riggs, Shannon and Zollars, Jaime Not in Room 204: Breaking the Silence of Abuse 6+
Robinson, Anthony, Young, Annemarie and Allan, June Gervelie's Journey (Refugee Diary) 8+
Rochester, Karen and Chadwick, Kat Be Brave 6+
Sanders, Pete and Myers, Steve Child abuse 10+
Simpson, Kara and Redford, Ali The Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself 6+
Ure, Jean Bad Alice 11+
Yelland, David The Truth About Leo 10+