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Author Title Age
Anderson, Rachel The flight of the emu 10+
Argent, Hedi What is contact? A guide for children 8+
Argent, Hedi and Lane, Mary What happens in court? a guide for children 8+
Bell, Michelle and Fuller, Rachel Elfa and the box of memories 5+
Durrant, S. E. and Harnett, Katie Little Bits of Sky 9+
Elliott, Rebecca Zoo Girl 3+
Farrell, Amy, Jefferies, Rosie and Naish, Sarah William Wobbly and the Very Bad Day: A story about when feelings become too big (A Therapeutic Parenting Book) 5+
Farrell, Amy, Naish, Sarah and Jefferies, Rosie Rosie Rudey and the Very Annoying Parent: A story about a prickly child who is scared of getting close (Therapeutic Parenting Books) 5+
Farrell, Amy, Naish, Sarah and Jefferies, Rosie Sophie Spikey Has a Very Big Problem: A story about refusing help and needing to be in control (A Therapeutic Parenting Book) 5+
Jackson, Laurence and Evans, Jane How are You Feeling Today Baby Bear?: Exploring Big Feelings After Living in a Stormy Home 3+
Jefferies, Rosie and Naish, Sarah Charley Chatty and the Disappearing Pennies (Therapeutic Parenting Books) 5+
Jefferies, Rosie, Naish, Sarah and Farrell, Amy Charley Chatty and the Wiggly Worry Worm: A story about insecurity and attention-seeking (A Therapeutic Parenting Book) 5+
Kuo, Ching-Pang, Westcott, Anne, Hu, C.C. Alicia and Ogden, Pat How Sprinkle the Pig Escaped the River of Tears (Hidden Strengths Therapeutic Children's Books) 4+
Morpurgo, Michael Long way home 10+
Naish, Sarah and Jefferies, Rosie William Wobbly and the Mysterious Holey Jumper: A story about fear and coping (Therapeutic Parenting Books) 5+
Naish, Sarah and Jefferies, Rosie Rosie Rudey and the Enormous Chocolate Mountain: A story about hunger, overeating and using food for comfort (Therapeutic Parenting Books) 5+
Pitcher, David and Fuller, Rachel Where is Poppy's panda? 3+
Redford, Ali and Simpson, Kara The Mermaid Who Couldn't 6+
Sambrooks, Paul and Tani, Tommaso Levente Dennis Duckling 2+
Shah, Shaila and Argent, Hedi Life story work - what it is and what it means 8+
Wilson, Jacqueline The story of Tracy Beaker 10+
Wilson, Jacqueline and Sharratt, Nick Hetty Feather 9+