Moving house

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Author Title Age
Altés, Marta My New Home 4+
Amos, Janine, Green, Gwen and Hampton, Angela Moving 7+
Argent, Hedi and Fuller, Rachel Moving Pictures 4+
Ashley, Bernard and Lawton, Judith Calling for Sam 7+
Barber, Nicola Moving House (Big Day) 4+
Benjamin, Floella and Frith, Michael Coming to England 10+
Bloom, Valerie Surprising Joy 10+
Burnell, Cerrie and Anderson, Laura Ellen Snowflakes 4+
Civardi, Anne and Cartwright, Stephen Moving house 3+
Cork, Barbara Taylor and Dodds, Siobhan Lucy moves house 3+
Daly, Niki Where's Jamela 3+
De Bode, Ann and Broere, Rien It's always me they're after 6+
DeGezelle, Terri Moving (The Real Deal) 10+
Foreman, Michael The Seeds of Friendship 5+
Freedman, Claire and Hindley, Kate Oliver and Patch 3+
Gleeson, Libby and Blackwood, Freya Half a World Away 5+
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, Desideria But What If? A Book About Feeling Worried (Our Emotions & Behaviour) 5+
Green, Jen and Gordon, Mike I want that room! moving house 4+
Green, Julia and Howard, Paul Tilly's Moonlight Fox 8+
Grindley, Sally and Thompson, Carol A new room for William 3+
Hassall, Angela and Ewen, Caroline Ella Moves House 3+
Helmore, Jim and Jones, Richard The Snow Lion 4
Hoffman, Mary and Littlewood, Karin The colour of home 6+
Hofmann-Maniyar, Ariane Ice in the Jungle 4+
Hughes, Shirley Moving Molly 3+
Hunter, Rebecca Moving house 4+
Lingard, Joan and Howard, Paul Tortoise trouble 5+
Magorian, Michelle and Usher, Sam The Smile (Little Gems) 6+
Maisner, Heather and Stephenson, Kristina We're moving house 4+
Mark, Jan The twig thing 4+
McKend, Heather and Collins, Heather Moving gives me a stomach ache 5+
Milton, Nina Sweet 'n' sour 10+
Moss, Miriam and Chapman, Lynne A new house for Smudge 3+
Murphy, Patricia Moving House (Tough Topics) 6+
Newsome, Jill and Munoz, Claudio Shadow 4+
Parker, Vic Moving House ( Growing Up series) 4+
Pipe, Jim, Petty, Kate and Kopper, Lisa Moving House (My First Time) 4+
Powling, Chris and Anderson, Scoular Harry moves house 6+
Robson, Jenny and Mitchell, Sandy Balaclava Boy 8+
Rohr-Rouendaal, Petra and Naidoo, Beverley Letang's new friend 5+
Rosen, Michael and Williams, Sophy Moving 4+
Ross, Tony I Want to Go Home! (Little Princess Series) 3+
Sheerin, Siobhan and Kronheimer, Ann We're moving house 2+
Stimson, Joan and Rutherford, Meg A new home for Tiger 2+
Whybrow, Ian and Monks, Julie The houseminders 3+