Health problems and disabilities


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Author Title Age
Ashley, Bernard The trouble with Donovan Croft 10+
Bertagna, Julie Dolphin boy 7+
Carter, Rachel Ethan's Voice 10+
Creech, Sharon The Boy on the Porch 10+
Crossley-Holland, Kevin and Ray, Jane Heartsong 9+
Ellis, Mary and Denton, Kady MacDonald Elephant child 8+
Furlong, Monica Robin's country 10+
Gleitzman, Morris Gift of the gab 10+
Grindley, Sally My Name Is Rose 10+
Johnson, Maggie, Wintgens, Alison and Gallow, Robyn Can I Tell You About Selective Mutism?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals 7+
Mahy, Margaret The other side of silence 11+
Morpurgo, Michael and Carlin, Laura The Kites Are Flying! 10+
Newbery, Linda Catcall 9+
O'Sullivan, Noreen I'll Tell You Why I Can't Wear Those Clothes!: Talking about Tactile Defensiveness 4+
Paterson, Katherine Flip-flop girl 10+
Willis, Jeanne Dumb creatures 9+
Wilson, Jacqueline and Sharratt, Nick Lizzie Zipmouth 7+