Health problems and disabilities

Disability (General)

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Author Title Age
Argent, Hedi What is a disability? A guide for children 8+
Bryan, Jenny We're talking about disability 9+
Church, Diane Working with people with disabilities 8+
Davies, Nicola and Fisher, Cathy Perfect 8+
Gallico, Paul and Barrett, Angela The Snow Goose 10+
Green, Jen and Gordon, Mike I'm special 6+
Leicester, Mal Special stories for disability awareness 5+
Lobel, Gillian and Harley, Kim The day Ravi smiled 7+
McCaffrey, Brendan, McCaffrey, Monica and Hames, Annette Special brothers and sisters 9+
Newbery, Linda and Hopkins, Dave Mr Darwin and the ape boy 9+
None Why do some people use wheel chairs? 5+
Oliver, Clare Animals as carers 8+
Raarup, Ed and Nery, Lindsay D. Fireflies and Shooting Stars: The Tale of Enzo (Book with CD) 4+
Sanders, Pete Let's talk about disabled people 8+
Saunders, Kate The Land of Neverendings 9+
Stockdale, Sean, Strick, Alex and Asquith, Ros Max the Champion 4+
Thomas, Pat and Harker, Lesley Don't call me special - a first look at disability 5+
Wildsmith, Brian Little Wood Duck 4+