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Author Title Age
Alexander, Penny, Goddard-Hill, Becky and Forrest, Clare Create Your Own Happy 10+
Alexander, Tom Sometimes I Feel Sad 5+
Almond, David and Dunbar, Polly My dad's a birdman 7+
Ballard, Bronwen and Carlin, Laura Your Mind Is Like the Sky 6+
Clarke, Gus Max and the rainbow rain hat 5+
Deuchars, Marion Bob’s Blue Period 5+
Eland, Eva When Sadness Comes to Call 4+
Foster, John (Ed.) I'm in a mood today 8+
Hood, Kim Finding a Voice: Friendship is a Two-Way Street ... 11+
Hoopmann, Kathy All Birds Have Anxiety 9+
MacPhail, Catherine and MacPhail, David White Feather 10+
Moses, Melissa and MacEachern, Alison Alex and the Scary Things: A Story to Help Children Who Have Experienced Something Scary 4+
Potter, Molly and Jennings, Sarah What’s Going on Inside My Head? Starting Conversations with Your Child about Positive Mental Health 5+
Powell, Jillian Me and my feelings 10+
Varley, Susan and Oram, Hiawyn Badger's bad mood 3+