Children as Carers

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Author Title Age
Aldridge, Jo and Aldridge Deacon, Jack Can I Tell You About Being a Young Carer 8+
Crossan, Sarah Apple and Rain 11+
Freeman, Hilary The Boy from France 11+
Hayes, Rosemary Loose Connections 10+
Hood, Kim Finding a Voice: Friendship is a Two-Way Street ... 11+
Lewis, Gill Scarlet Ibis 10+
Lobel, Gill Forever family 10+
Mason, Simon Moon Pie 10+
Moore, Ishbel Daughter 11+
Morpurgo, Sir Michael and Foreman, Michael Lucky Button 9+
Paterson, Katherine The same stuff as stars 11+
Ure, Jean Lemonade Sky 9+
Wilson, Jacqueline and Sharratt, Nick Lily Alone 10+
Yelland, David The Truth About Leo 10+