Of mice and aliens - an Asperger adventure ISBN: 9781843100072
Hoopman, Kathy
Published by Jessica Kingsley, 2001
In this sequel to 'Blue bottle mystery', Ben and his friend Andy find an alien who shapeshifts himself into an earth boy, whom they call Zeke. Zeke gets the boys into trouble at school because of his too literal taking of the meaning of idiomatic phrases and his tendency to repeat things without understanding. In fact, Zeke is like Ben, who has Asperger Syndrome; therefore, we come to understand that having Asperger's is very like being an alien. Often the world just doesn't make sense. Ben befriends Zeke immediately and sees no danger in helping a being from another planet, while Andy is very cautious. There are incidents when Ben becomes uncontrollably angry and when we see him giving things to Zeke that are not his to give that help us understand how an Asperger child's mind works. Ben is lovable and the story is a good one. Children with autism and their families and friends will learn acceptance and understanding through Ben's adventures. A list of useful addresses and web sites are included. Available from Amazon, from bookshops, or from the publisher at www.jkp.com.
Age: 8+