Hopping mad! ISBN: 9781854308672
Catchpool, Michael and Roberts, David
Published by Little Tiger Press, 2004
This is all about sharing and being good neighbours. Fred and Finn live next door to each other, and each has five frogs in his pond. But the frogs like to party at night in each others ponds, and so sometimes there are more frogs in one pond than the other, and this makes Finn and Fred think they have stolen each others frogs. Their anger leads to their putting up fences and digging ditches - and finally to Fred putting a locked cage over his pond. Finn's frogs unlock the cage, and all ten frogs leave, having had enough! Fiona, who lives down the road, ends up with a pond full of frogs, and Fred and Finn have none. A super parable about the dangers of letting anger about little things get out of hand. It is also a counting book as the number of frogs becomes less or more and we add and subtract to make ten. Excellent illustrations, seen from many different, unusual perspectives.
Age: 3+