Learn to sign and cook with Olli ISBN: 9780955493218
Slack, Garry
Published by Sausage Dog Publishing, 2007
The little monkey Olli is back, this time with a cookery book for slightly older children. We learn finger counting this time, and lots of different British Sign Language (BSL)signs for preparing and cooking recipes, as well as words for numerous specific foods. No stories this time, but 'The Monkey Family Cookbook' with five recipes is included, along with lots of good information on kitchen safety and healthy eating. The illustrations and graphics are outstandingly clear and colourful, and children will respond to the fact that their contemporaries are shown demonstrating the signs. These two books are quality productions. Their author is a qualified Communication Support Worker who has worked extensively with deaf and deaf-blind people. The books are available from www.signwitholli.com or Tel: 01780 767398.
Age: 5+