My friend is deaf ISBN: 9781841388403
Levene, Anna
Published by Chrysalis Children's Books (My Friend series), 2003
Amy and Daniel are close friends, and though Daniel has moderate to severe deafness, the two of them share all sorts of fun and games. Along with the story of the two children, we learn a great deal about different types of deafness, about sound - what it is and how it works - about different kinds of hearing aids, how Daniel copes at school and at home with the special technology available to him, and the use of sign language. There is an excellent section on 'Questions People Ask' which takes the subject much further, including such questions as 'How do animals hear?' The glossary is particularly useful as some of the language is, of necessity, quite technical. A list of organisations and web sites will provide further information, and there is an index as well. Colour photos, diagrams, and fact boxes complete a comprehensive but easily understood information book.
Age: 8+