Ballerina biker ISBN: 9780237525613
Lawrie, Robin and Lawrie, Chris
Published by Evans Brothers (The Chain Gang series), 2004
This is one of a series of short, easily-read, comic-style books about a gang of five bikers on a downhill bike-racing team. One of the five, Andy, is deaf and uses sign language. We are shown the signs for what he says, and while in some of the stories he is more central than in this one, he is always portrayed as very much part of the team. Some of the earlier books are in black and white, which I found confusing given the lay out, but the full-colour ones are much clearer. The stories are slight, very much centred on downhill biking, but will particularly appeal to sporty boys. At last count there were 18 books, all by the same two authors.
Age: 8+