Do little mermaids wet their beds? ISBN: 9780862649746
Willis, Jeanne and Jossen, Penelope
Published by Andersen Press, 2000

This charming and altogether lovely picture book is about a four year old who is very grown up in lots of ways, but has one problem: she wets the bed. In rhymes we learn 'there were lots of soggy nighties and some matching underwear - and guess what else went in the wash? Her favourite teddy bear!' She worries about this, but one night she has a dream that a little mermaid comes and wants her to play in the sea. They have a super time, and when they go to sleep, the mermaid says that her bed is always wet and that it doesn't matter at all. The little girl wakes up dry in the morning. Gentle rhymes and delicate pictures are reassuring, and the interesting device of printing words that have to do with the enuresis in smaller letters, as though they are whispered, is a deft touch. Outstanding.
Age: 4+