Two weeks with the Queen ISBN: 9780330313766 (ppbk)
Gleitzman, Morris
Published by: 
  • Collins, 1992 (ISBN: 9780003300789 (hdbk))
  • Piper, 1990 (ISBN: 9780330313766 (ppbk))
Colin is already feeling miffed at all the attention younger brother Luke gets when it develops that Luke has a serious form of cancer. Colin (from Australia) is bundled off to England to stay with his aunt and Uncle and cousin Alistair. Being a remarkably resourceful chap, he decides to tell the Queen about Luke's cancer so she can send her best doctor to make him better. Colin's adventures (sometimes with a reluctant but admiring Alistair in tow) have to be read to be believed. When the Queen proves un-get-atable, he proceeds to wangle his way into a top cancer hospital. This results in a meeting with Ted, whose lover Griff is dying of AIDS, and Colin and Ted become firm friends. When a doctor at the hospital finally convinces Colin that Luke will not get better, Colin's reaction is characteristic: he lets all the air out of the tyres on the consultants' posh cars. Having understood how important Ted's visits to Griff had been in their last days together, Colin knows that he must go home to be with Luke and their parents. A remarkable combination of wisdom, cocky humour, and deep sensitivity. One of the best.
Age: 10