My friend has asthma ISBN: 9781841388380
Levene, Anna
Published by Chrysalis Children's Books (My Friend series), 2003
Katy has asthma, but she and her best friend Zara love sport and are on the netball team. They also share sleepovers, learn recorder together, and do all the things energetic children do. Along with their story, we learn lots about what causes asthma, symptoms and triggers, relievers, spacers and preventers, and what an asthma attack is like. We learn how the lungs work and how asthma affects them, and we also learn something about hay fever and eczema, related health problems. Katy explains the asthma clinic and how she is assessed when there. There is a good section on 'Questions People Ask' and a glossary which is particularly important for technical terms. A list of useful organisations and web sites, as well as an index, will make this a useful tool in schools. Excellent for friends and family coping with asthmatic children.
Age: 8+