Asthma ISBN: 9780750239462
Lennard-Brown, Sarah
Published by Hodder Wayland (Health Issues series), 2002
The information in this book is detailed and sophisticated, but clearly written. There are chapters on how asthma affects the airways and breathing (with diagrams), what triggers asthma and where this is most likely to occur (asthma is much more common in the developed world) and a very detailed chapter on medication and the various ways it is taken. Finally we have infomation on living with asthma. The approach is tough but realistic: it is best not to have pets; one should strip the house of soft furnishings (or freeze your pillows!); don't be afraid of making a fuss - your life could depend on it. Proper names for body parts and drugs add to the complexity, but also the honesty, and there is discussion of alternative and complementary therapies. Adults as well as older children will find the information complete, and the personal stories make it more approachable. Resources - organizations and, interestingly, films about young people with asthma, as well as a full index and glossary, make this particularly useful for schools.
Age: 11+