The pistachio prescription ISBN: 9780340795415
Danziger, Paula
Published by Hodder, 2001
This book from a popular American author has been around since 1978, but is still full of verve and wit - and issues - lots of them! Cassy is asthmatic, she is also a middle child in a dysfunctional family that is heading for divorce. And she's a hypochondriac with low self-esteem. Her asthma is real, but much of her illness is brought on by stress. Pistachio nuts help her feel better, and her friend Vicky, who wants to study psychology and is very 'into' theories, is supportive. As the book progresses, we realise that Cassy has a great deal going for her, is actually quite popular and ends up as class president. But her self-deprecation continually gets in her way. When her parents announce their divorce on the very evening when the family is supposed to be celebrating her win, she has another asthma attack. For all the funny tone of the book, there is serious understanding here. Danziger writes with a lightness of touch which belies the sad situation, but Cassy and her sister and brother will survive in spite of their childish parents.
Age: 11+