A special assembly ISBN: 9780955321405
Chatterjee, Debjani and Lumley, David
Published by Asian Peoples' Disability Alliance, 2007
The strengths of this booklet lie in the fact that it is aimed very particularly at Asian boys with asthma and that it has advice for parents in four languages at the bottom of each page. The weaknesses are that the storyline is predictable and the illustrations are over-the-top. Not that children won't enjoy the comic-style approach, but this reviewer finds it too in-your-face. Raj wants desperately to play cricket, like his hero, Anish Patel, but his parents think his asthma makes him delicate. In a school project, wherein the children must write to a pen pal, Raj writes to Patel, not really expecting an answer. But the great man himself comes to the school assembly in response to the letter and tells Raj and his mum that he also has asthma and that this should not keep Raj from participating in sport. Aimed as much at parents as children, the booklet will, no doubt, do just what it sets out to do - encourage boys with asthma to participate in games. Published with the help of Asthma UK, the booklet is available from Asian Peoples' Disability Alliance, www.apda.org.uk (tel: 0208 902203).
Age: 8+