Why be bossy? ISBN: 9781842340257
Amos, Janine and Spenceley, Annabel
Published by: 
  • Cherrytree (Problem Solvers), 2000 (ISBN: 9781842340233)
  • Cherrytree (Problem Solvers), 2000 (ISBN: 9781842340226)
  • Cherrytree (Problem Solvers), 2000 (ISBN: 9781842340219)
  • Cherrytree (Problem Solvers), 2000 (ISBN: 9781842340240)
  • Cherrytree (Problem Solvers), 2000 (ISBN: 9781842340264)
  • Cherrytree (Problem Solvers), 2000 (ISBN: 9781842340257)
Two stories in each book show us Mrs. Casey's primary class working through their problems. While the clues to problem solving may be a tad on the didactic side, the stories are realistic, and the illustrations are very well done. The answer to working together happily is to: let everyone say how they feel, share information about what happened and let everyone say what they want, be clear what the problem is, talk about different ideas for sorting the problem, and agree on an idea together. The books are well produced, strong, and will last, and the coping strategies are useful.
Age: 6+