The bear nobody wanted ISBN: 9780140348095
Ahlberg, Janet and Allan
Published by Puffin, 1993
A full-length novel from Allan Ahlberg, with delightful black and white sketches from Janet Ahlberg. The bear in the story comes from the assembly line with a disagreeable expression and so is rejected by the factory inspector. But this particular bear thinks only of himself, and when he is 'pilfered' by one of the cleaners and taken home to her family, he believes himself to be quite above all the other toys. It takes many adventures and many unhappy experiences, including a bomb being dropped on his house (this is the Second World War era) for the bear to learn that he needs friends. Over and over again he is rejected until he finally learns his lesson, and a little girl called Sophie loves him and gives him a name. 'He was the happiest of toys: an altogether wanted bear.' A wonderful adventure, richly described, and perfect for reading aloud.
Age: 8+