I have feelings ISBN: 9780711217348
Porter, Sue and Hunter, Jana Novotny
Published by Frances Lincoln, 2002
The feelings described vividly in this picture book run the full gamut. When the little hamster wakes in the morning, she is happy, but her baby sister is crying and sad. She helps cheer her up and then feels proud. She is excited to go to the park, but jealous when baby sister gets to swing first. She gets angry when they must go home and then scared of monsters at bedtime. But the best feeling of all is the love that comes with Daddy's cuddles. The pictures glow with warmth and show a supportive and happy family, and the text expresses feelings in sensitive and imaginative ways. Each emotion gets a full-page spread to itself. A lovely production, which should quite naturally help children express what they feel.
Age: 2+