Second best ISBN: 9781842703632
Eagland, Jane and Milne, Terry
Published by Andersen Press, 2005
Bear and Dog are Ellie's best toys, but Bear, who has been with her longer, believes he is the favourite. When Ellie goes off to school, the days are long and boring for Bear because Dog talks of nothing but bones. One day Ellie comes home excited because the children have been asked to bring their favourite toy the next day. But Bear is shocked when it is Dog who is the chosen one. 'Sadness settled in him like a stone.' Dog comes home full of his exciting day, but Bear cannot overcome his unhappiness and jealousy. When Ellie hears him crying in the night, and he tells her why, she explains that mum thought Bear was too big to go on the bus. One day she will take him when they can go in the car - which she does. Bear has learned that he and Dog are equally loved: 'we're both first best for Ellie'. The quite stunning illustrations have a mystical quality that helps make Bear and Ellie's midnight conversation wholly believable. A beautiful book about jealousy and feeling left out.
Age: 3+