Something Else ISBN: 9780140549072
Riddell, Chris and Cave, Kathryn
Published by Puffin, 1995
Something Else is a little blue creature who lives on a hill all by himself. He lives on his own because the other creatures won't accept him, no matter how hard he tries to be like them. He doesn't look or talk like them, or play the way they play. One night there is a knock on the door, and Something is standing outside. He is orange and furry with a trunk like an elephant. He claims to be the same as Something Else, but Something Else says he's not: 'You're not like me...I'm sorry, but you're definitely not my sort of something else'. Something goes away sadly, but then Something Else realises what he has done. 'Wait,' he cries. 'You're not like me, but I don't mind.' So the two become great friends, and they make room for another strange creature that turns up - a little boy. Powerful and moving; a memorable allegory.
Age: 5+