It's mine! ISBN: 9781842341544
Amos, Janine and Spenceley, Annabel
Published by Cherrytree (Good Friends series), 2003
One of a series of books about children's feelings and emotions, full of bright multicultural illustrations and solutions to the sometimes irrational ways that children interact. Each book has two stories, and in this one two little girls happily share a piece of special gold paper when making a treasure map, but run into difficulties when they must decide who is to take it home. A teacher helps them see the solution. In the second story, Callum has made a tiger mask, and Alex wants to try it too. When the mask gets torn, mum steps in to help them find an answer to the problem. Good psychology and simple sentences make the stories approachable. Useful for PSHE and Citizenship lessons.
Age: 4+