The dare game ISBN: 9780440863694
Wilson, Jacqueline
Published by Corgi Yearling, 2001
Jacqueline Wilson can get under the skin of children in ways no one else can, particularly damaged ones. Tracy Beaker (main character of 'The story of Tracy Beaker') is a problem with a capital P. Feisty, selfish lippy - and brave - she is in constant trouble at school. Her foster mum, Cam, tries very hard, and for a little while they get on well, but when Tracy becomes ever more demanding, Cam can hardly cope. Tracy is convinced that her beautiful mum will come back one day, and when she does, Tracy can't believe her luck. Tracy has made friends of sorts with weedy Alexander and tough boy Football. As they all bunk off school regularly, they meet in a deserted house, where their games of dare become more and more dangerous. After Tracy's mum has made it clear that she really doesn't want her daughter back, and Alexander is hurt due to their rough-housing, Tracy realises that home is really with Cam. Unrelentingly tough, Tracy and Football respond to the sensitive Alexander, and lessons are learned on all sides. In this sequel story, Tracy grows up to the extent that we can believe she might make a good life for herself and Cam.
Age: 10+