Here comes Ellen ISBN: 9780340727249
Ure, Jean
Published by: 
  • Hodder (Foster Family series), 1998/99 (ISBN: 9780340727232)
  • Hodder (Foster Family series), 1998/99 (ISBN: 9780340727225)
  • Hodder (Foster Family series), 1998/99 (ISBN: 9780340727218)
  • Hodder (Foster Family series), 1998/99 (ISBN: 9780340727249)
The Foster family, Abi and her mum and dad, decide that they will be 'foster by name and foster by nature'. The first child to arrive is Sam. Abi is delighted; she has always wanted a sister, and Sam is bouncy and fun. Trouble begins when it becomes apparent that Sam takes things from shops. However, the family is loving and supportive, and they don't give up easily, even when Sam does some truly awful things. The series is honest about problems, and the stories, told by Abi, show clearly the strains families are put through. The second story, Meet the Radish, involves a small boy who comes to live with the family. His birth mother causes problems, but he remains with the Fosters in the end. Secret Simon is not a success. He seems to be almost too perfect, but he has a cruel streak and must be removed. Here comes Ellen sees the Foster family taking in a girl with special needs for a short-term stay, and this brings special problems of its own. There are to be two further books in the series which I have not seen: Babycakes and Little Miss Perfect. Easily read, but well written and honest.
Age: 9+