Timid Tim and the cuggy thief ISBN: 9780099137917
Prater, John
Published by Red Fox, 1994
Tim is shy and doesn't like rough games. Sometimes the other children tease him, especially about his 'cuggy' - the soft piece of blanket he likes to carry around. One night the cuggy thief comes in his window and steals the cuggy. Tim gets very angry and brave and follows the thief through the dark streets, the scary woods, over a narrow bridge and out to sea on a barrel before confronting the cuggy thief in his cave. Because he is bold and brave and stands up to thief, the thief disappears, and Tim gathers up all the stolen cuggies and teddies and takes them home. He is a great hero: 'But even the bravest boy ever still cuddled cuggy for just a little longer'. Gentle and magical.
Age: 3+