Psssst! It's me...the bogeyman ISBN: 9780689827426
Park, Barbara and Kroninger, Stephen
Published by Simon & Schuster, 1999

In this zany picture book, full of clever collage pictures, the bogeyman lives under the little boy's bed, but he claims to be misrepresented because he never says Boo (it isn't scary), he never bellows (it's unprofessional) and he never 'gets' people. What would he do with them after all. The only thing that really upsets him is dirty socks. He's allergic to them. So, what does the little boy do.....? When we last see the bogeyman, he's under sister's bed instead. Very American in language - lots of 'yo's' etc. - and very funny. Expect dirty socks under your child's bed if you use this one!
Age: 4+