Sabby and the dream monsters ISBN: 9781860393839
Oram, Hiawyn and Utton, Peter
Published by Orchard, 1999

Sabby has terrible nightmares. When she describes her dream monsters to her dad, he finds names for them. There is the Gleekenblog Slodgefoot, the Bobblyglump Flyer and the Really Mungy monster. Something must be done! So, dad spends a whole day in his workshop, and when it is time for Sabby to go to bed, he produces a No-More-Bad-Monster- Dream Monster. It is big and jolly, and it spends the night fighting off Sabby's dream monsters. She names if Bliff, and it works a treat. Sabby is so pleased with Bliff that she thinks every child in the world will want one. The warm, funny, family illustrations give a cosy feel that will help children get over their own monster-mania. Perhaps you had better be prepared to produce a Bliff, though!
Age: 3+