Tom and the tree house ISBN: 9780340716632
Lingard, Joan and Howard, Paul
Published by Hodder, 1998

Tom has always believed himself to be 'special' because he is adopted and was chosen by his parents. But when mum finds herself pregnant, he thinks he will no longer be loved. Best friend Sam isn't much help, and all his parents assurances that he will always be as important as the new baby come to naught. Tom builds a tree house, a rather splendid one, with the help of his dad, and it becomes a place to hide from his troubles. He begins to fantasise about a pretty new teacher who is called Louise (his birth mum's name) and when he confides in her that he believes her to be his birth mother, she must tell him she isn't. Tom is crushed, and in his embarrassment goes to hide in his tree house. The denoument is sudden but believable, and Tom comes to understand the reality of his parents' love. Excellent on Tom's emotions, and there are lovely black and white chalk illustrations. Short novel; largish print.
Age: 8+